My UX Design Tools

Every project is different so the tools will vary. Of course, there’s no one tool will replace all,
so I pick up the right tools based on my needs.

For privacy and confidential reasons most live or in progress projects will not be shown

1. Analytics & Insights

Google Analytics

I always use analytics especially when I am redesigning. The tricky thing here is that not all information may be accurate. but it will give you a good idea where people are coming from, what they are doing on the site, the amount of time they spend on the website and so on.

Their dashboard even has a comprehensive set of metrics that you can use such as session duration, bounce rate and users, among others!

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A lot of people don’t realize it, but Hotjar is very good if you want to get a better understanding of user interaction. This tool is amazing because it shows a heatmap of your website. You get to see what type of features work for you, what doesn’t work and so on. In the end you can have a better understanding of user journey with their recordings.

Google Search Console

I use this to see info such as keyword ranking, sitemap indexing, management and so on.

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Google Optimize

I use this to create experiments that easily show whether a design is better than another one or not. Having the data driven design approach makes things great in the end and it can offer you the benefits and value that you want in a rather comprehensive and professional package.

2. Analogue Tools

Sketch pads, notes, pencils and pens are always a very good option that comes first hand. Sure, you can use graphics apps but these are my first thing to begin with and I always have one around.

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3. Planning, Requirements & Note Taking

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Google Docs, Sheets and Evernote

Evernote, Sheets and Google Docs are mainly what I use for planning an note taking. The reason is that Evernote makes it easy to plan all tasks, while Sheets and Docs help keep any sheet data in place and I can also share it with the team in case I need it. The process works great, I can adapt everything and the results are always pretty impressive no matter what happens.


I always like Omniplan because it makes it easy to handle all the large scope projects in such a situation creating a GANT to estimate total costs, dependencies and also timelines.

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4. Wireframes & UI Design

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Adobe Xd and Sketch

I particularly like Adobe XD and Sketch. I use it for Low-Fidelity Wireframes, User Flows, Desktop Preview vs. Device Preview, Maintaining Visual Consistency with Symbols and at the end High-Fidelity Designs that will show the true colour of the project.


Creating icons and managing them is super hard. But with IconJar gets the job done fast and you can easily integrate it into other stuff.

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I used to use this to export from Sketch or Adobe Xd to give a preview to key stakeholders of specific features and functionality.

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For product design I don’t normally use Photoshop but in the final designs i like to give the extra edge of adding a banner or a shine to a particular button so the designs are as accurate and in detail as possible.

5. Handoff


Zeplin enables you to collaborate with a team specially with devs and make the handoff process very convenient. With Zeplin I give the team the exact and precise colours and css attributes for each button and text sizes so every project is hassle free and on point.

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IceCream Apps Screen Recorder

I use  Screen Recorder for video interaction on websites to communicate any problems that can and may appear at times and it is vital to show and explain in any situation, even for final viewing to show how everything works step by step.

Sketches Drawn
UI is like a joke, if you have to explain it, it's not that good.
User tests viewed
Beauty gets attention, personality gets the heart.
Cups of coffee
May coffee kicks in before reality does
Pieces of cakes
Celebrating small victories.

Me and my tools

It’s very hard to find the right value without good tools. I understand every product designer is different, and that’s why the tools I use in my work may not suit you all the time. But the reality is that you should always learn from what other people do and how they work, as their workflow may be able to help you. Adapting and adjusting is crucial and it can indeed bring in front some nice ideas.

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